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Exercise Yourself Out of Plantar Fascia Pain

May 5, 2021
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot and heel pain, affecting 2 million people each year.  The fascia is connective tissue that surrounds and penetrates every muscle, coats every bone, covers every organ, and envelops every nerve and blood vessel.  Symptoms of plantar fasciitis can range from mild to severe, making even simple […]
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3 Steps To Alleviate Plantar Fascia Pain

May 5, 2021
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot and heel pain. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2 million people each year are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. This number is staggering.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe, making even simple activities like walking and standing unbearable.  But what is plantar fasciitis, […]
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Heal Your Heel Pain

April 26, 2021
Pain in your heel can make everyday tasks from walking to standing difficult.  The foot is the foundation of your body and, when not working properly, has the potential to cause a lot of problems.  Issues of the foot need to be addressed as quickly as possible.   What causes heel pain? Pain in your heel […]
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Shoulder Pain While You Sleep?

April 12, 2021
Pro-Tips From Next Level Physical Therapy & Athletic Performance Sleep is so important for recovery, mental health, and physical vitality.  When sleep is interrupted by shoulder pain, it affects your ability to heal from injury, derails your ability to concentrate, lowers your productivity and is linked to weight gain and increased inflammation… all of which […]
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3 Ways to Relieve Shoulder Pain

April 5, 2021
Suffering from shoulder pain?  Do you have difficulty or pain lifting your arms, sleeping or reaching?  Whether your pain is from an old injury, issues in the shoulder joint or just from repetitive stress from moving all day long, try these simple techniques to feel better and stronger. Why Your Shoulders Hurt Your shoulder joint […]
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Top Ten Reasons Physical Therapy is Beneficial

March 29, 2021
How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Overall Health Many people assume that physical therapy is only for people who are recovering from an injury, but it has enormous benefits to people of every age and athletic ability. Not only does physical therapy help people recuperate faster, but it can also help to prevent age-related immobility. […]
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Knee Pain Got You Feeling Down?

February 9, 2021
What You Need to Know About a Torn Meniscus Have you ever heard people talk about torn knee cartilage? What they really mean is a torn meniscus. Anyone who’s ever had a meniscus tear knows how this condition can cause excruciating pain and affect productivity. This is probably one of the most common injuries our […]
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