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At Next Level, we're committed to helping our patients get out of pain so they can get back to doing what they love most!

Our Physical Therapy Services

Santa Clarita Physical Therapists Helping Patients Focus on Recovery

An injury or surgery can sideline you from life. Pain can hinder you from doing what you love. Physical therapy can help you fully recover faster. 

At Next Level Physical Therapy & Athletic Performance, you will work directly with a former competitive athlete who has nearly two decades of experience helping patients and athletes recover from and prevent injury. 

Injuries We Treat

At our Santa Clarita physical therapy practice, we specialize in treating orthopedic injuries of the spine and extremities. Our physical therapy team has worked with patients of all ages and every fitness level. 

Some of the most common injuries we see include:

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapist team has experience treating injuries in patients from 7 weeks to 102 years of age. We are proud to work with everyone from seniors suffering from debilitating arthritis to professional athletes that are looking to taking their athletic performance to the next level.

Examples of people we have worked with:

  • Amateur athletes
  • Professional and Olympic athletes
  • Weekend warriors
  • Individuals with chronic pain 
  • People recovering from surgery
  • Adults and children with decreased mobility

Find out how we can help you recover through our whole-body approach to rehabilitation and wellness. We have extensive knowledge and experience with orthopedic and neurologic issues that affect your ability to fully participate in the things that you love.

Who We Are

Owner and Next Level CEO Amy Wunsch earned a Master of Clinical Science and Master of Physical Therapy (MSPT). She holds numerous professional certificates and is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.  She specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine.

In addition to being an active mom of two, Amy is a best-selling author and adventure-enthusiast. Together with the skilled PT aides at Next Level, she uses a full-body integrative method that helps people recover quicker, decrease pain, and improve their overall quality of life. 

What We Do

At Next Level, we believe that recovery is about more than just rehabilitation. After working at some of the top physical therapy clinics in Southern California, Amy realized that something was missing. She opened Next Level to focus on not only helping people recover but also to make long-lasting change through a commitment to wellness.

When we develop a customized treatment plan for our patients, we take into account more than just the individual injury or body part; we look at the overarching health goals of the person. By using this more complete outlook, we can help people achieve more than just short-term pain relief or singularly-focused rehabilitation. 

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Looking for a new way to do physical therapy in Santa Clarita? Call (661) 383-9828 to get started. Our studio is warm and welcoming, with a staff committed to improving your health and getting you back in the game. Take your rehabilitation and wellness to the next level today.

Reviews From Our "Level-Uppers!" 

Kara Sparks

I came here for my daughter’s foot, that has intermittently given her trouble, and my son’s neck, that would constantly crack. On the initial visit a complete assessment was made. The next few times we came they both received a personalized routine. We also received exercises to do at home.

I was very impressed with the physical therapist that were helping both of them. I am also impressed that they were honest about their treatment, after a few appointments we were told what to continue to do at home. I appreciate their care and honesty.

Michael Berns

I am way overdue writing this review for Amy and the team at Next Level Physical Therapy! About three years ago I had hip surgery on both hips and had been doing PT at another clinic in Santa Clarita. After several months... I really just hit a wall and wasn't progressing. Honestly, I was getting really bummed that I couldn't get back to lifting or playing tennis.

I had read some reviews online or Amy that described her as a "walking MRI" and decided to come in for a second opinion. This was honestly one of the best decisions I could have made for my recovery. Fast forward to today, I have no hip pain and am actually training two-three times a week.

Tricia Kim

Next Level Physical Therapy is THE BEST! I have utilized both the physical therapy and fitness services and always receive top notch care. The atmosphere is chill and all staff members are warm and friendly and extremely knowledgeable in their fields. My body has transformed thanks to Next Level!

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