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What's the Difference Between Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage?

What's the Difference Between Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage?

January 18, 2024
By Next Level Physical Therapy

How to Decide What Kind of Massage Is Best for You

Whether you are a professional athlete or are recovering from a work-related accident, massage can be beneficial. Knowing what kind of massage you need, however, can be challenging. You have likely heard terms like deep tissue massage and sports massage but may be unsure of which one you need or how they differ.

At Next Level Physical Therapy & Athletic Performance, we will provide a comprehensive evaluation to help determine what kind of treatment will best aid you in becoming your best self. Whether you suffer from minor aches and pains or are recovering from a major injury, we can help. Contact our office today at (661) 383-9828 to schedule an appointment. 

What Is a Sports Massage?

Athletes at every level are prone to muscle soreness and fatigue. Depending on the sport, you may suffer from overuse of your leg muscles, arm muscles, or feel pain in your lower back. A sports massage is targeted to help release tension in the areas that are most vulnerable. It can also be used to help increase flexibility, circulation, and healing for an athlete.

Sports massages may be completed before, during, or after exercise, depending on your treatment plan. They are typically tailored to you and the type of sport that you do or the injury that you suffered. 

What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage usually involves the whole body but may focus on a particular area. It targets the inner layer of the muscles. It is used to help treat injuries and ease pain and stiffness in the muscles and tendons. Deep tissue massage uses more pressure and tension compared to something like a Swedish massage. It can be used by anyone, from athletes recovering from an injury to factory workers who suffer from chronic lower back pain

What Are the Differences Between a Sports Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage?

The main difference between sports massage and deep tissue massage is their area of focus. Sports massage is generally more tailored to a specific injury or to help prevent injuries in the future. While most people can benefit from regular massages, it is important to work with a team of professionals to determine which kind of massage is best for you. 

Sports massage may also be applied as part of your regular exercise routine to keep you performing at your best. Deep tissue massage is generally considered more relaxing, although it does apply increased pressure in some areas. It is less tailed than sports massage and is used across the whole body. 

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If you are suffering from pain, stiffness, or discomfort, contact our office today at (661) 383-9828 to schedule an appointment. We can help you take your recovery to the next level. Call now to speak with an experienced member of our team about which massage might be right for you. Get your assessment today so that you can feel better tomorrow. It is time to start living a pain-free life.

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