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What Is Joint Mobilization and Manipulation?

What Is Joint Mobilization and Manipulation?

June 14, 2023
By Next Level Physical Therapy

Relieve Pain and Increase Motion with Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Do you suffer from pain when you walk or move? Are you struggling with a limited range of motion in your back, neck, or legs? You might benefit from joint mobilization and manipulation. As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, joint mobilization and manipulation can help improve mobility and decrease pain.

At Next Level Physical Therapy and Athletic Performance, we help patients live a pain-free life. We believe in a whole-body approach to recovery. Our staff has decades of experience helping individuals recover from debilitating injuries or health conditions. If you want to live more fully, contact our Santa Clarita studio at (661) 383-9828 to schedule a free consultation today.

What Is Joint Mobilization?

A joint mobilization is a form of hands-on therapy where a therapist stabilizes one area of a joint while applying pressure to another. There are multiple types of mobilizations that a physical therapist may use in order to help improve a patient’s range of motion and decrease pain or discomfort. 

Common types of joint mobilizations used include:

  • Oscillatory joint mobilizations
  • Sustained joint mobilizations
  • Manipulation

You should consult with a trained physical therapist to determine what kind of joint mobilization is best for you.

What Is Joint Manipulation?

Joint manipulation is a type of mobilization therapy. It is generally accomplished by applying pressure to the joint at a low amplitude in a fast motion. Manipulation of a joint can help improve its function, increase mobility, and reduce pain. As with any joint mobilization, manipulation should only be performed by a licensed physical therapist. 

How Are Joint Mobilization and Manipulation Used in Physical Therapy?

Joint mobilization and manipulation are commonly used in physical therapy to help an individual who is experiencing joint pain. Joint pain can be debilitating, making it difficult for a person to move without discomfort. It can also limit a person’s mobility and decrease their quality of life.

Who Can It Help?

Joint mobilization and manipulation can be used by nearly everyone but is not recommended for individuals suffering from certain conditions such as osteoporosis, hypermobility, systemic infection, or advanced osteoarthritis. 

How Can Joint Mobilization Help?

Joint mobilization can help you live a pain-free life. It has a number of benefits, including helping those who suffer from back and neck pain, have a broken bone or fracture, and individuals with a sprain or strain.

A physical therapist may incorporate joint mobilization and manipulation into a comprehensive wellness program to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. There are limited risks to these techniques when applied correctly.

Do You Suffer from Joint Pain? Schedule an Appointment Today.

Do you suffer from chronic pain or did you suffer from a recent injury? Joint mobilization and manipulation may help. Contact Next Level Therapy and Athletic Performance to determine whether this or another type of treatment could help you live without pain. 
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