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Top Ten Reasons Physical Therapy is Beneficial

Top Ten Reasons Physical Therapy is Beneficial

March 29, 2021
By Next Level Physical Therapy

How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Overall Health

Many people assume that physical therapy is only for people who are recovering from an injury, but it has enormous benefits to people of every age and athletic ability. Not only does physical therapy help people recuperate faster, but it can also help to prevent age-related immobility.

At Next Level Physical Therapy & Athletic Performance, we offer a “whole body” approach to physical therapy. Our treatment is patient-focused, individualized to meet your specific needs and fitness goals. If you are ready to take your recovery, your sport, or your life to the next level, contact our physical therapy practice today. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy

There are numerous ways that physical therapy can help you achieve your short- and long-term fitness goals.

The top ten reasons physical therapy is beneficial include:

  1. Reducing pain

Consistent physical therapy (PT) can help you live a pain-free life by introducing strength techniques and targeted exercises. Physical therapists help treat the source of the pain, addressing the actual cause of the problem. By targeting the source of the pain, physical therapy can relieve discomfort with less reliance on medication. Done right, PT can help lessen the chances that scar tissue will form after an injury and help keep your muscles and joints from becoming stiff due to non-movement. 

  1. Increasing strength and mobility

For athletes and everyday people, physical therapy can assist in increasing your overall strength and mobility. Muscles and joints get tight over time, decreasing your mobility and causing significant pain. Specialized stretches and strengthening techniques target these stiff joints and muscles, reducing strain.

  1. Recuperating from injury or illness

One of the most common reasons people seek physical therapy is to recover from an injury or illness. Physical therapy is a non-invasive approach to rehabilitation. A strong PT regimen will help you recover faster with less chance of recurring injury.

  1. Shortening recovery time

A trained physical therapist can help you shorten your recovery time after illness or injury, getting you back on the field or to your normal activities quicker. Without physical therapy, a broken wrist or torn ligament may not heal properly, resulting in chronic pain, decreased range of motion, and increased risk of future damage.

  1. Preventing Injury

Physical therapy isn’t just about treating injuries after the fact. Physical therapists can also help prevent future injury. As experts in biomechanics, physical therapists can address any dysfunctions or risk factors their patients might be facing. Not only does this help patients improve their performance, but it also helps them avoid getting injured.

  1. Avoiding more invasive procedures

In many cases, surgery and other invasive procedures can be avoided by following a strict physical therapy routine. If you do have to undergo surgery, PT can help to improve your outcome and speed up your recovery.

  1. Improving balance

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every five falls results in a serious injury, including broken bones and head injuries. Physical therapy can help to improve your balance and help prevent falls.

  1. Decreasing stiffness

After an injury or as a result of age, muscles and joints can become rigid and tight. This stiffness can cause pain, scar tissue, and an increased risk of future injury. Physical therapy helps improve strength, mobility, and tightness throughout your body, eliminating pain and discomfort.

  1. Avoiding age-related issues

As we age, a number of problems begin to plague our bodies. From arthritis to osteoporosis, increased risk of diabetes, and heart disease, physical therapy can help manage or lessen the chances that these age-related issues will cause life-threatening problems or debilitating pain.

  1. Providing long-term health benefits

Committing to a physical therapy routine can not only improve your short-term rehabilitation goals after an illness or injury, but it can also provide long-term benefits to your overall health. Whether you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, improve your posture, or live pain-free, PT can help.

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