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Healthcare Hacks: How to Make Your Insurance Work Harder for You and Your Wallet!

April 8, 2024
You know how you pay a lot for your insurance, but never really seem to get the full benefit of it?  Read on to learn how to flip the script and get the most out of the insurance coverage you pay for.  1. Meet your deductible EARLY.  2. Hit your Out-Of-Pocket Max - Plan to […]
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Level Up Your Game: Next Level PT's Personalized Training for High School Athletes

March 18, 2024
The high school athletic landscape is fiercely competitive. Whether you're aiming for a coveted spot on your varsity team, dreaming of a college scholarship, or simply striving to reach your full athletic potential, every edge counts. 
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The Importance of a Consistent Schedule With Your Personal Training Plan

February 29, 2024
Wherever you are in your personal training journey, the importance of maintaining a consistent schedule cannot be overstated. Staying consistent in your fitness
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The Benefits of Weightlifting & Staying Healthy

June 29, 2022
Why You Should Be Adding Strength Training to Your Workout Routine Over the years, weightlifting has gotten a bad rap, with images of bulky, heavily oiled men prancing around a stage in tiny underwear. Today, however, people realize that weightlifting isn’t about building bulk but rather building strength. Strength training is an integral part of […]
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5 Workouts for Fighting the "Dad Bod"

June 18, 2021
A Dad’s Guide for Staying (or Getting) in Shape After Kids Most dads agree: finding time to work out after having kids is not easy. Whether you have a newborn that is up every few hours or teenagers that you stay up late worrying about, most fathers are in the same boat. Putting on the […]
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